Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Reading over my last post, it hit me that the most important word I wrote is adventure. When we’re young and curious, almost everything we do is an adventure -- it’s all brand new because much of what we do is for the very first time. As we get older and our risk-averse genes take over, it gets harder and harder to keep adventure in our lives. In fact, there are so many adults who go to great lengths to eliminate even the concept of adventure from their worlds. They want their days scheduled and their nights predictable and would never think about embarking on something unless they knew the outcome. While I’m a huge fan of schedules, organization and checklists, I also crave adventure and perhaps that’s why I love to travel so much, especially to places I’ve never been. If more adults embraced adventure in their lives and -- God forbid -- actively sought it, maybe they’d be happier, feel younger and be open to embracing more possibilities.

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