Sunday, July 24, 2011

Print Book Guilt

Joe gave me a Kindle for my birthday in March, but I have yet to take it out of its box. There are way too many printed books in the I-must-read-them-before-we-leave pile to start an e-reading queue. There are 3 or 4 books I plan to take with me, in addition to a handful of travel references, but I’m doing my best to reduce the number of yet-to-be-read titles before I inaugurate my Kindle. I have a lingering compulsion to first read all the printed books I own and feel guilty buying ebooks while my bedside pile awaits. I’ve read some terrific books over the past couple of months, several of which have been in my reading queue for a long time including So Much For That, The Paris Wife, The Road From Coorain, The Perfect Heresy and Drive. And since we’ve already packed up and stored the bulk of our belongings that will remain stateside, I’ve been giving away each book as I finish it. In the past, I either lent each book I read to someone I thought would enjoy it, or it was added to our personal library. However, since I’m in absolute relinquishing mode, not wanting to hang on to any possessions not coming with us, I’ve taken to leaving books wherever I finish them. If I don’t have a friend or sibling I know will enjoy a particular title, the book gets left in a cafe, at a fast food joint, poolside or in the dentist’s office. And each time I abandon a book, I keep my fingers crossed that it won’t just get tossed in the trash, but that an interested reader will pick it up. And each book I give away gets me closer to firing up my Kindle so I can test-drive it before we leave. 

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  1. Such a great idea! If only I could practice this method of reading what's on the shelf before buying other Kindle titles.

    Too bad most of my print books are ARCs from publishers seeking reviews, otherwise I'm sure I wouldn't have a problem reading the books I actually purchased.

    You'll love your Kindle, especially on your gap year where it's essential to limit the amount of carry-on. I've had mine for years now and still love it! I hope to get a new one when they come out with a color version or something equally awesome. :)